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Professional translations English – Dutch / Dutch – English by an experienced sworn translator.

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Professional translations English – Dutch / Dutch – English by an experienced sworn translator.

Services include translating, editing and proofreading of:
Birth, Death & Marriage Certificates / Brochures / Contracts / Correspondence / CVs and Applications / Degree Certificates & Diplomas / General Terms & Conditions / Instruments of Incorporation & Articles of Association / Manuals / Reports / Teaching Materials / Website Texts / Wills…

The art of translation

Plenty of people are very proficient in a foreign language as a result of their studies or international working environment. Add to that the increasing efficiency and availability of online translation tools and dictionaries, and you might be forgiven for thinking that translators have become superfluous. Practice has shown, however, that there is quite an art to translation. Translating an existing text is very different from writing a piece in your own words. A translation must always convey the exact meaning and tone of the source text. In bad translations, nuances may be lost, terminology mistranslated or the text lacks its original flow. Even translating into your mother tongue is not as easy as it seems. No matter how well you understand a document when reading it, turning it into a well-written translation can be a real challenge.

Save yourself the time and effort it takes to make your own translations and leave this to an experienced professional  translator. It may be turn out to be the faster and cheaper option!

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“Thanks so much for your incredibly fast service and for your attention to detail in the original text.”

Marije Geenevasen
Conservatorium Maastricht

“Great job, thanks a lot. Thank you for translating the diplomas so quickly. I really appreciate it.”  

private client

“Thanks for your translation. You have managed to resolve many of the mistakes and inconsistencies in the original text. I really appreciate that.”

Karel Janssen
Zuyd University of Applied Sciences

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