Double Check Translations offers translation and editing services in a wide range of subject areas, including legal and sworn translations, and the specialist fields of music and education. Should you require any expertise or languages that I cannot offer personally, I will make sure a suitable solution is found.

Double Check Translations offers the following services:

Translations English to Dutch / Dutch to English

Professional, high quality translations by a sworn translator, conveying your message clearly and accurately. In the appropriate style, using the right terminology and geared towards your target readers. All translations are checked thoroughly to guarantee their quality.


A thorough revision of your text to ensure it reads well, has the right tone for your target readers and is, of course, grammatically correct and faultless.


A final check to correct any errors that may have been left in your text.

“You don’t owe me any apologies, Marian [for double-checking]. Thanks for your fast service. I really appreciate it!”

Simone Kaper
law firm Kaper Nooijen

“Thanks for providing a quality translation. I’m happy with your interpretation […] this has resulted in a good and consistent translation.” 

Patricia de Kort
Toneelacademie Maastricht

“I’m astonished at the huge mistakes [you have found] in the text. I’m so happy to have found you!!
… I’m really happy with your [correction & translation] work, I will definitely contact you again!!”

Svetlana Semenova,