I am Marian Venderbos-Verhooren, a dedicated and experienced sworn translator, and owner of Double Check Translations since 2008.

Although inspired simply by the two Vs in my own name, the name Double Check symbolises what I consider a vital aspect of translation. Double-checking is imperative in every stage of the translation process. From the first contact with a client to the last time I read through a translation, I always check and double-check:

→  I understand what the client asks of me, but…
→  is he/she best served that way, or would a different approach be more effective?

→  That translated term has the same meaning as in the original language, but…
→  is it also correct and commonly used within this field?

→  The text has been translated accurately, but…
→  is the tone and the language used suitable for this target audience? Do they suit the client?

This method ensures that you end up with a professional translation: accurate, well-written and fulfilling your requirements.


Before starting my translation training, I studied School Music and Remedial Music Education. I have since gained experience in this field by translating for various musicians, teachers and the arts faculties of Zuyd University of Applied Sciences. This has provided me with the expertise needed to translate specialist texts on music, music education and education in general.

Since being sworn in at the District Court of Maastricht in 2009, I have also been specialising in sworn translations of e.g. diplomas, certificates and various types of legal documents. Through a combination of training and practice, I continue to develop my knowledge and skills in this field.

Registered as a sworn translator in the Dutch Register of Sworn Translators and Interpreters under no. 2711

“Your questions [about the text to be translated] are not only incisive and to-the-point… they also show a genuine desire to achieve clarity all round.”

Hub Pittie
former lecturer at Conservatorium Maastricht

"The editors have been very pleased with your translations"

Liina Viires
SDI Media Group

“Thanks for checking my new website so carefully [after translating it]. Your comments  were most useful. Thanks for going to so much trouble.”

Daniël Turner
Guitar maker